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Brand Story

As one of the most enduring polyester fiber brands in the world, DACRON® brand comes in a range of high-end fiberfill products from soft and down-like to firm and bulky pillows, comforters, mattress pads, furniture and insulation, etc.


The DACRON® brand is owned by INVISTA. The brand was established in 1959 in the USA with the launch of fillings for furniture.
The DACRON® brand is now widely used across the globe, including in North America (US and Canada), South America (Argentina, Brazil and Colombia) and throughout Asia Pacific (Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam).


Quality forges the brand, and characters forge quality. During nearly six decades of evolution, the DACRON® brand refreshed its image and launched a new brand strategy in Aisa Pacific Region since 2017, to further develop this market. Starting from the new brand position as “Energy Awakened, Life Refreshed” and based on the four featured product series, DACRON® brand is now satisfying consumers’ increasing needs for hometextile products quality and extensively educating the market with professional knowledge.


The brand boasts strong brand operetion and research and development programs throughout the world, which always include international quality management standards during fiber production and strict controls over everything from raw material selection, product formulation, manufacturing process, post-processing treatment, packing and transport. With it, the brand is proud to highlight the uniqueness and individuality.


DACRON® brand is convinced that only healthy and safe products can completely relax people’s mind and body, and win their trust and loyalty; and only comfortable and refreshed experience can provide people with 24-hour vigor and life-long quality.


Live your day, with DACRON® Brand!

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