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DACRON® CLIMA fiberfill stays fresh thanks to its humidity elimination and moisture conductivity features.


It maintains the texture and comfort of polyester fiber, whilst staying fresh, moisture free and breathable.


For these reasons, it’s known as the “magic fiber”.


When pillows and comforters stuffed with DACRON® CLIMA fiberfill are washed in the washing machine, its water affinity reaction ensures thorough cleaning.


The design of the fiberfill means that the water sweeps off stains and bacteria, bringing you cleanness and freshness.



The emergence of DACRON® CLIMA fiberfill is breakthrough in man-made fiber technology.

With the advantages of freshness, softness, fluffiness and moisture conductivity, it reduces the likelihood of heat building up in the fiber by quickly dissipate away the body moisture during sleeping.

Tests show, that when used in pillows under a heat source that simulates human body temperature, the fiber’s temperature is 3 degrees cooler inside the pillow, compared with traditional polyester fiber-stuffed pillows.

By driving out the stuffiness from under the head and neck, this fiber brings consumers great comfort and freshness.

* Based on tests done in INVISTA US lab in 2016


The special spinning technology used to manufacture DACRON® CLIMA fiberfill forms a heterotypic structure on the originally smooth fiber surface.

A water affinity treatment is applied to the fiber to ensure superb washability and ongoing durability and cleanliness.

Feature / Application

4-hole Fiberfill

With its unique fiber structure, this product doesn’t absorb water, but its water permeability makes it effective in eliminating humidity, with affinity to water and skin.

This means the fiberfill stays fresh and dry in daily use, is free from odors and won’t go damp, which provides comfort for the user.

This can be used to develop thick, warm-keeping and thin, air-permeable materials for the winter season, such as pillows, soft mattresses, cushion pads and cushions.

Applicable product Pillows, soft mattresses, cushion pads and cushions

7-hole Fiberfill

An international advanced 7-hole spinning technology is applied to this fiber to maximize its warm-keeping capacity.

A special water and skin affinity treatment, assists with humidity elimination and ensures the fiber is fast drying.

This results in greater comfort to the user.

Can be used to develop warm-keeping products for the winter season, like pillows, comforters, mattresses and cushions.

Applicable product Pillows, comforters for winter, mattresses and cushions

Memory Fiberfill

Based on its natural advantages such as smoothness, silkiness and enhanced hydrophilic feature, this memory fiber provides skin with greater comfort.

An appropriate replacement for the conventional memory sponge foam pillow, with its unique advantage in slow recovery.

Applicable product Pillows

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