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Natural fiber used to be associated with prestige, nobility and even royalty in both China and western countries.

A list of advantages, such as comfort, softness, air permeability, warmth and being gentle on skin make natural fibers popular amongst the upper classes.

Nowadays, with scientific advances, social development, economic growth and enhancements in living standards, people’s living and shopping habits are entering a brand-new age.

Public shopping is gradually becoming rationalized and consumers are paying higher and higher attention on health, comfort, safety and animal protection.

After years of research, DACRON® NATURAL+ fiberfill has been developed to incorporate the features of natural fiber, including its warmth, comfort to the skin and silky texture.

At the same time, DACRON® NATURAL+ fiberfill offers advantages that natural fiber cannot, such as resistance to hardening, plus odor control.



Soft, silky, safe, fluffy and warm, DACRON® NATURAL+ fiberfill is an outstanding alternative to natural filling materials such as wool, feather down and silk in bedding applications.

lt offers lower product development costs and greater sales space.

With DACRON® NATURAL+ fiberfill, you can retain the benefits of natural fibers whilst avoiding its disadvantages.


DACRON® NATURAL+ fiberfill is made with a special superfine spinning technology that delivers a strength not found in natural fibers.

A combination of innovations in raw material selection, product formulation, and manufacturing/process technologies, ensure that DACRON® NATURAL+ fiberfill is free from entangling, hardening and odor.


Down-like Fiberfill

This super-fine fiber features down-like qualities.

It replicates the warmth of polyester fiber while keeping a smooth, fluffy and soft consistency.

Tests show that padding made with this fiber has similar warming effects to down, which is hailed as a ‘body warmer’ in winter.

Meanwhile, its superb air permeability allows the product to stay dry without any odor.

Applicable product Down-like pillows, comforters, mattresses and jackets

Silk-like Fiberfill

With a thin, soft and smooth texture, this fiber is a rival for silk and praised as the “skin-friendly queen”.

This light, thin and air-permeable fiber can be washed and dried, is easy to handle and satisfies modern people’s habit of sleeping naked.

Applicable product Soft and thin fabrics, silk-like pillows and comforters for summer

Soft-as-cloud Fiberfill

Our revolutionary fiberfill technology uses fine denier fibers to deliver cloud—like loft and maintains its softness even after numerous washes.

Multi-wash tests show that bedding products with DACRON® fiberfill hold their shape longer than down and competitive down-alternative products *.

Each fiber is individually tailored to deliver exceptional fullness.

*Based on tests done in INVISTA US lab in 2014.

Applicable product Pillows and comforters

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