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Excessive stress from life and work can result in reduced sleep quality, and in some cases, even severe sleep insomnia symptoms. Persisting poor sleep quality can potentially lead to severe health problems. The selection of bedding materials can directly affect sleep quality.

“Sleep Tight, it’s good for your Health” has now become a widely believed fact among consumers, notjust a marketing or advertising story.

Due to the rising aged population in society and remarkably reduced physical movement portion in our daily job, an increase of cervical spondylosis morbidity, a degenerative condition of the cervical spine which mostly appears in elders, has been diagnosed for almost all ages today. One of the major contributors to this trend is improper sleeping posture and the wrong choice of pillows.

ln fact, the combination of a mattress with proper support, a fluffy pillow of suitable height and a comfortable quilt is essential to a good night sleep. DACRON® SUPPORT fiberfill have taken all these important factors into account in order to achieve the most optimized ergonomics.



Soft, silky and offering effective support!


DACRON® SUPPORT fiberfill, as a filling material, delivers an enjoyable and comfortable experience to users in their daily life backed by our extensive product innovation and R&D capability.


These products are particularly suitable to application including pillows, soft mattresses, bed pads, comforters, cotton clothes, cushions and toys.


DACRON® SUPPORT fiberfill offers support performance, whilst still being soft and silky.


It is able to deliver various benefits to consumers including better sleep quality, comfort, warmth and fatigue relief.


Memory Fiberfill

This fiberfill features technology which gives pillows a memory foam-like feel but with improved flexibility and comfort, catering to different sleeping preferences.

It is also more gentle on pressure points than memory foam.

Its technology gives the pillow a fluid movement so pressure is more evenly distributed and the head and neck rest comfortably.

An ideal replacement for the conventional memory sponge, with its unique advantage in pressure distribution.

Applicable product pillow

Mat Fiberfill

With high support performance pliability, this fiber is a perfect choice for mat filling.

The high-support performance of this fiber not only rests on its denier, but in its material characteristics and the spinning techniques used to create it.

Suitable for product such as, 4-hole bulky pillows, soft mattresses, and cushions, which requires features including high resistance to pressure, uneasy to be deformed, and high resilience, and right balance between hardness and softness.

Applicable product Bulky pillows, soft mattresses and cushions

7-hole Fiberfill

Using the cutting-edge spinning techniques, this fiber has an even 7-hole distribution and 100% 7-hole ratio, which ensures warmth and air-permeability.

Applicable for winter products, like 7-hole antimicrobial pillows, comforters, mattresses, and cushions.

Applicable product pillow

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